Xenophobia (2009)


The story started on two kind people start over in love each others.  In small town, Their have nobody knows more some truth about secret of this town, many people habited like fear because of a new affected reasons.

One day, a police has been arrived in town, a lot of population surprised but he thought it’s going to be OK. People protested by endangerment and later on,   They died.

A few weeks later,  Jude and Lucy come to church and swear in front of father before they’ll kiss each other and going to sweetish honeymoon behind success of life.

Immediately,  A pirates named John is waiting for someone walked through his life and when he seen them. He starting to angry because they have ‘A LOVE’ that he hasn’t ‘NEVER FIND’ before.



Story: Supakit Seksuwan / March 2009 / House by the Swamp /  All Right Reserved
Xenophobia / 2009 / เรื่องสั้น / พิมพ์ / Paper / Romance



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