Why the Cannes Short Film Corner is not important

You're not in Cannes anymore

You submitted your film to the Cannes Short Film Corner, paid the €85 entry fee, and bam, within a day they recognized your artistic brilliance and accepted your film!

You knew it! All these years you were right! You’re a modern auteur, whose career is about to blossom. A genius of the highest order. Your film is a Cannes Official Selection!

Only – it’s not. And no festival makes programming decisions in a day.

You have misunderstood what the Cannes Short Film Corner is and its importance.

If you live far away, then before you waste thousands on getting there or ask someone to pay for you, you should understand what the Short Film Corner is about so you can make informed decisions.

What is the Cannes Short Film Corner?

The Cannes Short Film Corner is not the same as being accepted into competition at the Festival de Cannes (Cannes Film Festival). As the Short Film Corner’s website…

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